Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do You Love A Single Cup of Coffee?

I've been trying all types of methods for the perfect brew and I think I finally found it and it's not a fancy machine. I've tried different machines from $$$$ to $, pots, percolators, funnels and jars and cold brew. I ended up really liking the cone shaped filter you can put on top of your cup with a paper filter in it and it drips right through to make one cup. You have to boil a separate pan of water to add to it. It's simple, but still a process and uses those darn paper filters (which I compost...but still)....

SO I've tried this --

Voila! This one is made by Bialetti, I know you've seen these, referred to as a Moka Pot, also known as an Italian Coffee Pot. Those most often seen are made of aluminum, with the 8 facets, I like this one because it's stainless steel. I found it a couple weeks back at a consignment shop. I like a stronger coffee so I use a french roast or what I really like is the smoothness of Café Bustelo, which is an espresso coffee. The water goes in the base (don't fill it too full, you'll end up with coffee spitting all over the place) a filter sits inside the base where you put the fine grounds in, twist it together and within seconds you have some H.O.T. coffee. You NEED to keep an eye on it, it's that fast. Easy clean up -- just empty the funnel, rinse out the pot and the base and you're done.

Now I think I'll go make me a cup! 


  1. Here's how I make my coffee and with NO coffee filter.....
    I fill my BIG coffee cup full of water (usually the one that says "I love Dogs" and has Golden Retrievers on it) and I put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. Then I stir a HEAPING tablesspoon of Instant Coffee into it (Folgers or Nescafe, whichever was on sale or generic Aldi brand if I was really broke) and then I add 2 packets of that fake sugar subsitute stuff that causes cancer in rats and stir. YUM!

  2. Cindi? can I say yuck? LOL but, hey, if you like it that's alllll that matters!!


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