Friday, May 27, 2011

Making Headway

You wouldn't want to have the 'before' but here's the after:

This basement picture is a smidgen, a sliver, a peek, into the cleaning out that I've done. I've been diligently working on getting the thrifty goodies out of my house for my annual tag sale, yard sale to some, next weekend. You should have seen my house! ugh. Boxes EVERYWHERE. It took me a few hours to get it pulled together and was like a breath of fresh air. It's amazing how when your surroundings get cluttered, your brain gets cluttered. I could feel my brain become clearer with every box hauled out of here. I can actually walk through my garage and more needs to go but it's more of the Craigslist or ebay nature of selling.

Each year I have my tag sale and often see the same people. The location is usually different (depends on what friend loves me enough to endure me commandeering their garage) but the town remains the same. I ran into a woman at a church rummage sale the other day and she did a double take and said, "are you having your tag sale this year?" Made me laugh. I've gotten complimented on them because I have good stuff and I try not to have any junky piddly things. I've also gotten away from selling jewelry or small items because people have pocketed items in the past. Also, in case you want to make a rule for yourself...I only sell things for $1 or more. If something isn't worth a dollar to someone I tell them to pick something out to make it a dollar or more because I'm not dealing with nickel and diming -- well, unless of course, the total makes a dollar.  ;-]

I went through boxes that have been 'saved for when my house is done' and got rid of most of it. My tastes have changed and I know that I'll always be able to find something I like. That's what I like about thrifting, there's always something and usually you don't lay down hunks of money so you don't feel bad getting rid of some things.

I haven't hit the studio yet and I don't think that will be done in time for the sale, but most of what's in there is for "I have an idea for that, fabric, or I might be able to use that someday."

so I plug along.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.


  1. I want "BEFORE" photos!
    (I'm stomping my feet!)
    LOL! I LOVE to see BEFORE'S!
    (they make ME feel better about myself)
    I'm glad you were able to clear the clutter and good luck with your Tag Sale!
    XOXO - Cindi

  2. Cindi, I too like to see the 'before' shot but I forgot to take one! dang! Just picture a big fat pile upon another pile upon another pile. See the green basket on top of the armoire? That's full of dog toys, thought you'd love that!


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