Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Leibster Blog Award

I'm a bad bad girl.

Recently (um, OK, February 19 to be exact) Gilly from Gillyflower left a comment for me and an award, here's what she said: "I would love to pass on to you the Liebster Award for having a great blog!"  How sweet is that??? So I went to her post where she listed her awardees and this is what she wrote what the rules of participation are:
" Leibster means beloved..."

 "1. Accept the award and write about it on your blog

2. Link a post to the actual blog that gave you the award
3. Pass the award on to three to five new blogs, informing them that you have done so

So, having ticked the box against rules 1 and 2, I now would like to pass the Liebster Award on to three lovely blogs that are not necessarily that new, but deserve far more visits and followers."

Well, I got wicked busy and wasn't able to fulfill the requirements. I would occasionally look around but wasn't finding anything. It wouldn't have been fair to just nominate a few of the blogs I already follow (and how would I choose from that 150 anyway???) OH, and they were hopefully going to have only a few followers, part of the purpose of the award. Do you know how hard it is to find a blog with only a few followers besides mine??? OMG. When I did get a chance to hop around, I had set the followers amount to no more than 25. Then I set it to no more than 35. Then I gave up. I was spending too much time trying to fulfill my requirement. So I let it go.

By letting it go, over the past couple months I was able to come across 4 blogs that I'd like to promote...I also found a lot of others that I liked and added to my google reader but they had a gajillion followers already. I suppose part of the reasons I chose these bloggers, as you will see, is that there is a commonality I have with them in that we like the same things, but they have done much more than I have with these likes.

The blogs I am nominating are:

A fellow vintage sheet fanatic, she makes skirts and such out of them.

A fellow New Englander whose photos are gorgeous.

A fellow craft book collector and admirer of vintage crafts, she wrote a book herself! 
(Thanks for telling us about her Pam)

Although she has over 600 followers, I think there's a freshness to her blog, a sweetness to her personality, an unexpectedness to her personal style -- plus she loves fabric and makes modern quilts

go take a peek, you might like them, too.

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