Sunday, May 15, 2011

Geri Goes Home

Lisa came down today to meet Geri. She walked in and commented on how beautiful she thought she was. We chatted, each of the 6 dogs wanted all the attention but then calmed down and treats were handed out generously. Then Lisa asked...what do I do if I want to take her? 

Yeyyyyy!! Lisa is a very very kind, nice woman. She has a 14 yo Shepherd Mix named Zeus that will help to guide Geri in daily routine and lay of the new land. 

When Lisa went out to her car to set up the crate, Geri paced inside the house. She knew what was happening and that she was leaving this crazy dog place. It was quite interesting to watch, she would pace, go to the door, pace, go to the door. When Lisa came back in Geri was right there at her feet. Usually I get a chance to kiss and hug the dog goodbye, whisper sweet words in it's ears. Geri wanted nothing of it. She was leaving and that was the order of business. The contract was signed and if Geri could speak I think she would have said, "wooo hooo, let's go!" 

I love happy endings. 


  1. I love a Happy Ending too!
    That sounds like it was truly meant to be!
    I wish every rescue dog could be so lucky.
    Thanks for being you!
    XOXO - Cindi


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